Welcome!  I'm Natalie Fox - founder of YogaRama - and this is my online home.  I'm a roving surf and yoga instructor committed to living lightly and sustainably, based Cornwall, UK in the summers and Morzine, France in the winters, with some intrepid retreats in between.  

YogaRama is about travelling with the seasons and swells; embracing expansion through adventures in nature and following the mantra "tread light, shine bright". 


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I'll be back in Morzine, French Alps this winter and you can join me on a special Snow Drift retreat 3 - 10 March ‘19!

Weekly classes at Mountain Rehab start 15th December 2018:

TUES 4.15 - 5.30pm: YIN

WED 9.30 - 10.45am: YANG


Enquire about winter yoga here.


DRIFT retreats

Drift retreats are a wellbeing experiences, designed to give you time and space to relax and connect with nature. Our flagship is based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Drift Away takes us further afield to warm waters and palm fringed beaches. Our Snow Drift is a mountain based and Drift Wild is on the picturesque North Cornish coast. There’s something for everyone.

Check out my retreats pages or contact me to register your interest.


I'm based at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Porthtowan in the summers, and will be back in April 2019 for:

Thursdays 5.45 - 7pm YIN FLOW

Fridays 8 - 9.15am MINDFUL YANG

Suitable for all levels. Drop in: £8.50. Contact me to reserve a spot.



The ultimate ocean practice.

I've been holding small SUP yoga classes in picturesque Bay of Porthminster, St Ives. Fancy taking your yoga practice to the sea next summer?

Drop me line if you're interested.

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always stay connected

Practice online with me.

KaliMukti online has a wealth of classes available any time, any day. Join me for guidance through classes and courses with an energetic focus. Learn more about signing up for free!


It's no surprise that surfing, yoga and preserving natural habitats are not only my passions but where my curiosity lies, I'm constantly learning! 

Join me to explore the love and lightness you too can find in these activities, and learn more about my ethos, experience and influences here.



The 3 key pillars of permaculture are "earth care, people care and fair share". 

This provides a valuable framework for reducing our impact on the planet and consuming responsibly.

Learn how to integrate permaculture principles into daily life in order to thrive sustainably.

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Yoga is essentially disentangling ourselves from the fluctuations of the mind to be in union with eternal source.

Deepening the connection between body, mind and soul allows the light of awareness to filter into our being.

It is a pathway and a practice - breathe, stretch, strengthen and witness the transformation.



There is infinite abundance found in nature's cycles - energy from the sun, the moon, the wind, the land. 

Experience the real, authentic joy that comes with the freedom to dance on the ocean.  

Flow in a cosmic dance through wave riding and awaken to the peace and potency that resides in the present.   


I have finally found my rhythm through Mother Natures cycles, realising and fulfilling my migratory urges - grounding and hibernating in winter; and spending as much time as possible outdoors, and in the sea in summer.

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A big thank you to Roxy and Roxy Fitness for kitting me out for my yoga, surf and snow adventures over the years.


This year I begin an MSc in Sustainability at the Anglia Ruskin University, tying together ecology, surf and yoga and focussing on eco-surf tourism - in order to practice, teach, travel and catch waves as responsibly and consciously as possible.  I also help run environmental themed events such as screenings or beach cleans. Read more about my history of conservation activism here.

 Photo by Ilona Henne

Photo by Ilona Henne

 Photo by  Patrick Straub