Yoga is an age old traditional practice and philosophy undergoing continual transformation and reinvention in the modern day world.  

Yoga can be explained in a multitude of ways, from the literal Sanskrit meaning "to yoke" to the collection of asanas that are used as the building blocks to reach enlightenment.  It has many teachers, branches and lineages that offer different approaches to suit all bodies and backgrounds.

I see yoga as a pathway to more awareness, acceptance and a deeper experience of "what is".  For me, that pathway is continually unfolding, breath by breath, yielding a chance to witness stillness when the mind is calm and offering expansion through conscious body movement.  It is essentially tapping into the power of the heart, to reach the energy of creation that connects us all.

I was drawn to yoga to help train my body and improve my strength and flexibility for surfing.  What I discovered is that yoga hit a nerve within me, I wanted to learn more so became a student  immediately. 

Now, I see that I was yearning not only for a physical work out, but a way to deal with my emotions, an understanding of my mind and a spiritual discipline.  10 years of practice and I am still learning about myself through yoga.  


I travelled to India to undertake my (200hrs) teacher training in 2010 with Lara Baumman, focussing on Vinyasa Flow and Quantum Yoga - specific sequencing for the Auyervedic doshas.  In 2014 I joined the Radiantly Alive studio in Bali for Yin for Vinyasa teachers (100hrs) which was the perfect way to offer a more balance and accessibility to my classes.

In 2015 I trained with SUPFit UK to become a SUP Yoga instructor.  Taking my practice outdoors and on the water is a such magical experience and I truly enjoy helping guide others in such a unconventional setting, where you are exposed to nature's beauty.  

yoga offerings - student specific

Introduction to yoga (beginners)

This is a full immersion into the world of yoga for well being, starting with the foundations: breath, bandhas and postures.  We will work through a series of simple poses, adding in more challenging ones once students feel ready.  We will focus heavily on alignment, cover safety principles, feature some philosophy and expand on the techniques of body awareness that are developed through a regular practice.  It will be a fun and enlightening experience, rooted in relaxation so that the information and learning is easily absorbed.    

Yin/yang (intermediate)

Yoga is about moving energy or “prana” around the body to achieve optimal health and well being.  Yin and yang refers to the opposing forces that help balance our entire world - inside and out.  When we feel lethargic and unmotivated, it could be due to a yin imbalance, so using a yoga practice to ignite movement and flow will help create more energy.  On the other hand, when we are ready to settle at night, sometimes our minds can go into overdrive, inhibiting the most important part of restoration, ready for the next day.  Learning how to relax through yin yoga can have an equally restful effect on the mind, as well as the body due to triggering the para-sympathetic nervous system.  Learn to use the energy of yin and yang within your yoga practice as a way to incorporate balance in all areas of our busy lives.

Quantum Yoga (advanced)

Yoga and Ayurveda are historically intertwined having both originated in India approx 5000 years ago.  According to Ayurveda we are born with one body-mind constitution (dosha), which can become imbalanced due to external or environmental factors, the result being dis-ease and dis-harmony.  This make up consists of energetic forces related to Air (Vata), Fire (Pitta) and Earth (Kapha), and can be deciphered when we look closely at our functioning systems (metabolism, heart rate, BMI, moods, character traits etc).  Quantum yoga uses the identifying process of Ayurvedic doshas to find a prescriptive yoga practice, designed specifically to balance a person’s individual Dosha.  The sequences are physically demanding so require practitioners to be well versed in yoga and is therefore recommended for advanced students only.


Yoga offerings - style specific

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa means breath syncronised movement, and in this practice we stretch, strengthen and consciously transition between postures that help energise and wake us up.  We look toward core stability to be the foundation of functional movement and develop our understanding of body mechanics through standing postures and arm balances, aimed to invigorate our minds and bodies.  The pace is fast and flowing, but with ample time for relaxation.

Gentle yin/yang flow

Using the combination of flow and stillness, we observe the sensations in our bodies and minds for a mindful practice.  Less emphasis on movement means we can reside in poses for longer and feel into the benefits of a tradition hatha style of yoga.  We’ll also be incorporating longer holds as in yin as well as moon or sun salutations to create heat.  This combination provides a well rounded and balanced practice.  

Restorative Yin

Yin yoga works with connective tissue and fascia to provide a deeper release through long held (2-5 minutes) postures.  The poses are simple, all floor based and accessible for all, regardless of age, ability or ailments.  It taps into a stillness that triggers deep breathing and helps relax the mind, allowing for a restorative, cooling and calming practice that is perfect to unwind with.  


Yoga is such an individual journey but one we can all celebrate together.  If you would like to attend a class or book a private session, check out my schedule or drop me a line via email.