In 2010 Japan, Iceland and Norway proposed The International Whaling Commission to lift the ban on commercial whaling.

Women for Whales took a stand for Whale Freedom.

We joined Surfers for Cetaceans, Sea Shepherd and many other organisations during the demonstrations.  This was the beginning for W4W, who have taken a stance outside every IWC meeting since, holding intentional events under the banner of the International Whale Celebration in Morocco, Jersey, Panama and Slovenia. 

Women for Whales continue to take a positive stance on whale conservation through conscious activism yet are turning their focus towards womens' eco retreats.  These retreats are currently in the creation process and W4W look forward to unveiling an opportunity to unite with the oceans and collaborate with other mermaids through empowering practices such as meditation, yoga, free diving, dance, deep ecology, surfing and artwork. 

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We are delighted to launch our new Women for Whales website, a source of inspiration for all interested in making a difference for whales, dolphins and the oceans.  We are excited to focus on rebirthing W4W and creating the perfect eco retreats for mermaids in 2016.

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Women for Whales have an active portal on Facebook, connected to dedicated 7000 fans.  We share information in a conscious and positive way to help raise awareness of the plight of whales, dolphins and their ocean home.

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