Surfing is thought to originate in Polynesia, was ingrained in island culture, recognised as an art form and a way for the people to connect with their Gods and Goddesses.  

The European sailors noted these extraordinary wave sliding feats and surfing began a whole new global journey, reaching the shores of the UK through their journals and documentation.  Nowadays, surfing is a huge industry with millions of dedicated followers, the sport continues to grow in all directions, most promisingly,  as a tool for environmental and social awareness and empowerment.   


I began surfing in Cornwall, UK and when I caught that first wave, was hooked, instantly.  It changed my life and became a lifestyle, a passion, a vocation.  I began travelling to experience different waves and really improve as a surfer.  I found my style and my comfort zone, but also realised that the ocean will continue to push me and help me grow, if I am ready to accept the challenge.

I began teaching surfing in Newquay, Cornwall in 2008 and again, was hooked!  Sharing the joys of surfing is so fulfilling and challenging for me, and I especially love teaching women who struggle too with confidence.  I can remember how it feels to be frustrated and elated during those early days of surfing, and sometimes I still feel like a beginner myself.


I have taught all over the world now, from surf camps in Morocco to surf schools in England, from private family lessons in Costa Rica to guiding groups on a deserted Panamanian Island.

In 2013 I set up the Ladies Summer Surf Club in Jersey, Channel Islands, and was head coach of the Quiksilsver & Roxy surf school.

As a Roxy ambassador I have been involved with countless Learn to Surf Days, as well as RUNSUPYOGA events for women and girls.  I find it an absolute pleasure to accompany others on their first steps into the surf, as well as helping more intermediate surfers try for their first green waves.  My favourite places to surf are long point breaks, like Manu Bay in New Zealand or Pavones, Costa Rica.  I'm constantly working on traditional longboarding moves, so my rainbow chakra log constantly keeps me on my toes.


I love the grace and fluidity of traditional longboarding.  It is a feminine approach to trimming and gliding along waves, it's just like dancing.  I've been lucky enough to share waves with some of my longboarding she-roes; Belinda Baggs, Lauren Hill and Kristy Murphy.  All have helped inspire and develop me into a better longboarder.

This year I am teaching surfing as a freelance coach at a number of different surf schools across South West Cornwall.  If you would like to learn specific longboard techniques or need some advice on where's good to go to improve your skills, feel free to contact me.