I grew up landlocked in the UK, yearning for something more. Aged 21 I moved to the coast of Cornwall, surfed my first wave and something finally fell into place.


The eco yoga surf vision

My journey as an environmental activist, surf coach and yoga instructor has taken my all over the world.  It has been my dharma to explore these three themes in my life and I am so grateful for all I have learnt.  Now, it is time to plant some roots and until I find the place to do this, you can reach me here...

This is the online place for my YogaRama business and the space to hold my story.

YogaRama is about travelling with the seasons and swells; embracing expansion through adventures in nature and following the mantra "tread light, shine bright".  My interpretation of these two Sanskrit words:

{living in harmony with your true self}

{living in harmony with your true self}

{following your highest purpose or  dharma }

{following your highest purpose or dharma}

I currently balance my time between Morzine and Cornwall. I travel in a van and reside in it during summer, living off grid in order to reduce my carbon footprint. This gives me freedom and security, because the tricky part about being fiercely committed to surfing, yoga and sustainability is having the space to practice.

It has taken many years for me to find a formula that works for me, and that formula also needs to be dynamic. I’m currently studying a Masters in Sustainability so I can become equipped to work in the private sector and help create solutions for the incredibly complex and global issue of climate change.

I have travelled, taught surfing and yoga and engaged in environmental activism since 2008. I have worked at retreats in India, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, New Zealand, UK and Jersey. My current commitments lie with St Ives Surf School, St Agnes Surf School, Lime House Yoga, Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Drift retreats and Mountain Rehab.


  • Level 2 ISA surf coach (2018)

  • Level 1 ISA surf coach (2008)

  • Level 1 ISA SUP instructor (2016)

  • RLSS lifeguard certificate (last renewal 2016)

  • 100hrs Yin for Vinyasa teachers, Radiantly Alive, Bali (2014)

  • 200hrs Yoga Certificate with Quantum Yoga, Goa (2010)

  • SUP Yoga instructor certificate, SUPFit UK (2015)

  • AIDA Freedive certified level 1

  • PADI Open Water

  • STCW


  • Activities coordinator at Drift retreats

  • Roxy Fitness ambassador & coordinator of RUNSUPYOGA event, Jersey

  • Former Head coach and Senior Surf Manager for Jersey Surf School

  • Writer for SurfGirl Magazine

  • Galley assistant on Operation Zero Tolerance, Sea Shepherd

  • Regional rep for Surfers Against Sewage in the Channel Islands.

  • Cofounder of Women for Whales.

  • Ambassador for Surfer for Cetaceans

Not all those who wander are lost
— J.R.R. Tolkein

My professional story…

I love stories, it was one of the reasons I studied Media and Film Production at college and University. I explored female roles within film and whilst attempting to work in the industry meant moving to London, I knew the city life was not for me. I decided to pivot and head to the Cornish coast to take up surfing, and after watching “Blue Crush” became my own version of a female protagonist! The waves were much smaller but the drama was just as intense (I even tried out for lifeguarding but failed miserably), and I lived for surfing, because it brought me the freedom, clarity and creative expression I was searching for. After working as assistant manager at The Boarding House - a surf hostel overlooking Fistral Beach I decided to travel around the world; go backpacking in the jungle in Malaysia, visit friends on the East Coast of Australia and surf my first reef break in Fiji. I had missed out on a gap year and the desire to wander was getting stronger with every travelling surfer I met. Coming home from that trip felt like everything has changed, except it hadn’t; it was just me. I realised I needed to set myself some goals, and the fact that the only thing I enjoyed doing was surfing, lit the way to becoming a surf instructor. I managed to pass my lifeguarding exam with the help of an English Channel swimmer, I found a surf school willing to give me hours and I had the best summer on the beach! I knew I needed to make plans for the winter that was fast approaching so I arranged an interview with a surf camp in Morocco. It was in a time that female surf coaches were rare and coveted, so to my surprise I was heading out to Taghazout in October 2008 to help run Roxy weeks and be a coach for yoga retreats.

It was here that I was able to delve much deeper into yoga. Heading to class every day with inspiring teachers, learning from different styles and lineages, was the highlight of my time there - along with surfing those right hand point breaks. I spent about a year with Surf Maroc and towards the end my focus started shifting to environmental issues.

If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.
— Joseph Campbell

More chapters to come…

Summer in Newquay and Sea Shepherd

Back to Morocco then California

Costa Rica and Panama



India and Sri Lanka






We can possess all the fine goods that our civilisation has to offer us; we can have important jobs, and social status, and tone our bodies on all the latest machines – but without a sense of belonging to the world, we feel empty and our lives lack meaning.
— Sharon Blackie

Let's go deeper...

My journey has definitely been a search for the self and a search for truth.  But more than anything, a search for peace.  Of course I understand that yearning for peace, to be one and the same as the absence of belonging.

Growing up, I found ways to numb the uncomfortable feelings and thoughts I experienced due to learning I born with MRKH, an absence of the womb.  This lead to inevitable breakdowns and unhealthy living until at 20, I was drawn to the sea and began to develop a greater awareness - of my body, of my mind, of my actions and of my relationships with others.  It wasn't until years later, through Vipassana, the healing power of surfing and extensive yoga practice, I began to truly love and accept myself.  Therapy has helped too!  Starting to release from trauma, I unravelled into anxiety and mindfully navigated challenges created by an over stimulated nervous system, realising I already many of the tools I needed to find recovery and relief.  Although, my support network were like true angels.  I am so grateful to those experiences for allowing me to find resilience my darkest of hours and I have developed an emphatic understanding of how we can all suffer internally, yet still appear shiny on the outside.

The ocean, yoga and natural habitats have been my solace, my inspiration and mighty necessary for my rebirth as a fairly grounded and happy individual.  Travelling the world, learning about the physiology of our mind and body systems and strengthening my self esteem has also been integral to working on deep rooted shame, what I feel to be the epicentre of our human suffering.  

Together, through conscious practices, I believe we can work towards a more connected global community, combat mental health stigma and evolve into a more compassionate humanity.  For ourselves, for each other and for the planet; our home and our future.

It has not been a solo journey, but a collaboration between many artists and co-creators. 

I wouldn't have got to where I am now without the continual and evolving love, support and belief of my family, friends and colleagues.  It has been a lifelong dream of mine to become a yoga and surf instructor and that dream would not have come to fruition without all my Teachers, Students and Tribe.  Thank you to everyone for being part of my journey and however our paths crossed I hope it was one of meaning, learning and the icing on the cake of life - laughter. 



Cover shot and Surf Shots by Robbie Dark/Permaculture and Yoga shots by Ilona Henne/Adan De Miguel/Sophie Williams/Dale Adams/Hilton Dawe/Carolina A. Castro/Matteo Banschenbach/Hello Glow


Sea Shepherd Conservation Society/Surfers for Cetaceans/Surfers Against Sewage/Women for Whales/Orca Research Trust/Durrell Conservation/See Turtles Forever


Roxy/Roxy Fitness/Radiantly Alive/Quantum Yoga/With-Yin Yoga/Jennifer Moore/The Yoga Farm/KaliMukti studio/Soul and Surf/Daisy Cottage Camping 


Jersey Surf School/WaveSisters/Surf Maroc/Quiksilver Surf School Newquay/Newquay Activity Centre/Pura Vida Surf Retreats/Solscape  


Finally, my greatest teachers and guides are my loving parents, who always believed I would follow my dreams, let me lead the way, encouraged me to learn from my own mistakes and allowed me to grow into the induvidual I am now.