Hello 2016!!!

I welcomed in 2016 with a skinny dip with friends in the Pacific Ocean! I have been in New Zealand for nearly 3 months now, and the power and natural beauty of this place is starting to have an effect on me.  There is time and space here to observe and interact, as things seem to flow at a much slower pace and because of this tasks seem less rushed and less stressed.  As my journey comes to an end in this gorgeous country I am starting to collect and consider all I have learnt and how exactly I have grown.  A deeper understanding and connection to the earth, that's for sure.  I always saw myself as a surfer, as someone more in tune with the seas... but through my permaculture course, through living in a tent for a few weeks, through eating the best organic food I have ever eaten, through harvesting and planting my own seeds, I see the Earth as an amazing, abundant, natural resource.  One that we need to treat with respect and care... Just like yoga allows us to attend to attend the inner temple (zone 00) my initiation into deep ecology has allowed me to declare my commitment and aliegence to Planet Earth - the outer temple we all share.