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SANTOSHA FLOW: Act or React!

Yoga is a prescriptive tool for higher living, it was designed to rise us above the fluctuations of, and help us transcend the limitations of the ego mind.  Only by going deep inside the body and the breath; to recognise, accept and cherish who we truly are at each present moment, can we surrender to samadhi or bliss ; the 8th and final limb of yoga.

So how, as modern yogis can we embrace the philosophical side of yoga whilst appreciating the physical benefits it produces, without becoing fixated on the goal of becoming enlightened, or whatever our ego assigns as the destination, i.e. touching our toes?

I believe it is using the physical practice as a holistic understanding of our whole mind/body/soul operating system, and noticing the gateway to greater awareness it provides.

When we are completely immersed in yoga, we are in flow... and this flow state is a place of moving meditation.  We have many options in yoga; to go faster, deeper, softer, stronger,  but how do we choose what is right for us; how to we tune into and develop our listening skills on a subtle level and how do we incorporate this into our daily lives to live with less suffering and more santosha (contentment)

We can act... Or we can react...

O observe

R reality

R recognise relationship within

E engage energetically 

A aligned approach

C consistent compassion

T  transformation

If you would like to take part in an interactive worshop and follow a challenging flowing sequence that goes to the heart of a back bending practice, whilst delving into yogic philosophies.  Please do get in touch...

I will be heading back to Jersey, Channel Islands and a  excited to offer this workshop for intermediate and advanced yogis.

This 1hr 45 minute worshop is £16 per person, payable direct to e via BACS or PayPal.

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