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  • Swan Dive Pilates and Yoga Wesley Yard Newquay, England, TR7 1LB United Kingdom (map)

As surfers we are looking to develop many aspects yoga has access to - balance, agility, flexibility, breath holding, core stability...  

In the heart of Cornwall's surfing mecca Newquay, we explore the marriage and synchronicity between yoga and riding waves; diving deeply into functional movement to help become a better surfer.   

To keep those more seasoned on the mat we will be playing with arm balances and inversions, with plenty of preparation poses to ensure those new to yoga move safely and confidently into a stronger practice.  

With vinyasa, the focus is the breath so dedication to Ujjai pranayama is required, as well as curiosity, awareness and self compassion.  We approach the sequences just like we approach an incoming swell, letting go of our egoic concerns and opening our heart to the lessons (and potential bliss) that arise.  

Just like the ocean, we honour the gifts our practice has to offer - most prominently, time spent undistracted and present within the moment and our bodies.

Pricing: Drop in classes are £8

Surf instructors/competitive surfers/concessions: £7

Full 11 week course: £80 (1 week free)

Email: to sign up